Boost Your Sex Life With These Ten Remarkable Foods

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Whether you're looking to spark a waning sex drive or increase your body's response to physical pleasure, there are foods out there that can help reach your goal. For example, some ingredients can increase endorphin levels while others can help to balance your hormones. Read on to discover ten of the most exciting and useful ways to influence your sex life by changing your diet.

1) Vanilla

Vanilla has a rather boring reputation, but the vanilla bean is actually a nerve stimulant. As a result, vanilla consumption may sensitize your skin and increase the pleasure you feel when your partner touches you. This handy benefit can make foreplay much more exciting and lead to more passionate sex.

2) Asparagus

Since asparagus is well known for changing the scent of your urine, it might not be your first thought when you consider sexy foods. However, the aphrodisiac qualities of this delicious vegetable have been documented since as early as the 17th century. Recent research suggests that asparagus stimulates the libido by making you have more folate at your disposal. In addition, asparagus increases histamine production, and histamine is necessary for orgasm.

3) Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juices spikes testosterone levels, increasing them by up to 30% in some studies. This male sex hormone can enhance the sex drive of both men and women, leading to a greater interest in more frequent sex. Further, some research suggests that pomegranate juice improves circulation, which can improve male sexual performance and enhance physical sensations.

4) Honey

This natural sweetener provides you with a hefty dose of boron, a chemical that helps to make sure that male and female sex hormones remain in the right balance. As a bonus, honey can offer you a quick improvement in energy levels, potentially increasing your enthusiasm for lovemaking.

5) Red wine

Since alcohol can reduce physical sensations and inhibit sexual function, it's important to go easy on the wine if you're planning to get intimate with your partner. However, a little red wine can actually help to improve your sex life. In particular, red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that increases the blood flow to your nether regions.

6) Chilies

Hot chilies instigate endorphin production, leading to greater levels of energy, excitement and happiness. While you can also enjoy these consequences by hitting the gym, sharing a spicy pasta dish with your partner can be a much more enjoyable precursor to sex. Chilies also create physical responses similar to those evoked by sexual stimulation, such as sweating and a faster heart rate. As a result, seeing your partner eat hot food might subconsciously kick-start feelings of arousal.

7) Chocolate

Chocolate is a classic sensual food, as lovers often enjoy feeding it to each other or consuming chocolate coated strawberries. More interestingly, however, it contains phenethylamine (PEA) that enhances your response to pleasurable sensations and may even make you feel more physically attracted to your partner. It's also worth noting that the tryptophan in chocolate appears to help people feel more mellow and optimistic.

8) Bananas

Bananas have an undeniably phallic appearance that might immediately encourage sexual thoughts. However, they also contain minerals and enzymes that have been shown to boost male sex drive, so it's important to eat them after looking at them!

9) Oysters

Another famous aphrodisiac, oysters do have certain properties that seem to improve sexual function. For one thing, it has a high amino acid content that stimulates sex hormone increase. In addition, sperm production may be improved by the zinc found in oysters.

10) Coffee

Finally, recent research on caffeine suggests that a cup or two of coffee can help to improve things in the bedroom. It seems that caffeine increases blood flow and heart rate in a way that enhances sexual response in women in particular, but further studies may reveal similar results for men.

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