How to Give the Best Hand Job


You may think hand jobs are a thing of the past and something meant for teenage girls, but that definitely is not the case. Your man would love nothing more than to get your hands on his situation. As a woman you want to educate yourself on the best ways possible to blow your man’s mind just with the touch of your hands.

Most women never truly learn how to give a proper hand job, the go-to is always the one-hand stroke; up and down, same motion-same act until they cum or tell you to stop. No one enjoys repetition. You wouldn’t enjoy if he just did the same thing over and over without change or enthusiasm and neither does he. Expanding your knowledge on the penis and the hand job will make you the expert you’ve always wanted to be. It’s time to change up your hand job…

Let us guide your hands:

Make it slippery

No man enjoys a dry rub. So prep your hands and him with something wet. Get your hands on some arousal-based lube, lotion, or at the very least use your own saliva to begin stroking him. This will make the job easier for you making it easier to glide your hands along his length, while also making it more pleasurable for him. Slowly and lightly move your hand up and down his joystick to really rev him up. Teasing is your best friend here.

Use both hands

A very easy way to change things up when you are jerking him off is to alternate between using one hand and using two hands. Only using one hand is repetitive and it’s boring. You never want to be boring. Using both hands will change things up and make him fall to pieces in your hands.

When you use both hands, you'll be able to stimulate both his shaft and the top of his penis. You'll also find that he thoroughly enjoys it when you switch between hands. Change your hand up and play. Explore every inch of him, that’s all he wants.

One technique that feels amazing for guys is when you stroke in a hand-over-hand rhythm. So as soon as one of your hands caresses the head of his penis, the next one is already making its way up his shaft. It's like never-ending stimulation.

Ball support

Don’t forget to play with his balls. It goes without saying that a man’s testicles are very sensitive, but they shouldn’t be disregarded. As long as you’re gentle your man will be all about the ball love.

Midway through your hand job, give your hand a rest and slowly slide your fingers down towards his testicles. Start to slowly and softly fondle them between your fingers. You can also cup them in your hand and gently squeeze them too. Ask your partner what he likes and how he wants his testicles to be played with. As you move back up towards his penis, use your nails to scratch his testicles, but make sure to do so with a minimal amount of pressure. The key is to be gentle.

Become friendly with his perineum

The perineum aka the taint is located between his scrotum and his anus - it's where semen is produced, so it's a very powerful hot zone on a man. This is the perfect area for you to play with to drive your man wild. He might be hesitant to let you explore that area, but just push for it and he’ll soon realize how amazing it feels for him.

You can get his male G-spot in on the hand job action by pushing up into the perineum like a button. This will really get him going and probably send him over the edge. Feed off of his body movements and breathing, switch up your strokes and your rubbing to really leave him eager and wanting.

The hand job is essential to fore play, but just like everything else you want to know what you’re doing! Explore, learn, and try out new things that your man will probably be more than willing to let you do. All he wants is to have you all over him and there’s no better way to start off him with a little hand love from you to him. 

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