August is National Romance Awareness Month!

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So we are officially in August, can you believe it? Where has this year gone? Time is going by fast, and since August is National Romance Awareness Month, you should take advantage of the time and spend this month in a romantic whirlwind with your partner. Slow things down a bit and create an entire month of spice and romance.

Romance doesn’t just have to be flowers and chocolates, make things fun and try new and exciting things for the month!

Here are five tips to ramp up romance in your life:

Cyber Love

For those lovers who have some distance between them, you can never go wrong with some cyber love. Plan an entire date via webcam! You can have fun seeing each other and talking through the stages of your date. Have dinner, stay for some drinks, and then when things start to heat up, move that webcam to the bedroom. Long-distance relationships are hard work, but this person is obviously worth it, so let all your inhibitions go and just have an amazing time together even if you can’t truly touch each other. At the end of the night put on something sexy and tell them everything they want to hear.

Send Flirty Texts

Sending flirty texts can definitely get the blood boiling! Naughty texting, also known as sexting, throughout the day is the ultimate tease! Tell each other what you would do to one another periodically throughout the day and you’ll see how much you want to jump each other as soon as you’re reunited. Spice things up with a teasing picture or throw in some naughty words you know will drive your partner crazy. Flirty texting is a super fun and sexy way to increase the lust and romance levels in your relationship! You won’t regret having a little fun on the phone with your significant other; you will see that the outcome will be out of this world.

Smile and be Confident

Exude romance and love with your smile this month! When people smile, they appear to be more happy and confident, making them more attractive and approachable. You never know who you might meet walking down the street or while you’re at the grocery store. Be happy and open and maybe you’ll find the romance of a lifetime. You don’t have anything to lose.

Be Proactive for Romance

Being passive on a date doesn't help you in the romance department. You have to have an open heart if you are ever going to truly experience romance or love. If you’re close-minded about romance or love or aren’t completely open for it, you might have to take some time back and think about what you really want. However, if you are ready, then jump in feet first with all you have. Romance and love can be scary, but it’s completely worth it in the end.

Schedule Date Nights

If you already have a steady loved one, you know how often relationships can end up in a rut after the first few months. When the honeymoon period starts to fade, if you're not dating your best friend and creating romantic memories, it's easy for the relationship to just fizzle out. Pick the same day each week and take turns selecting your date spot. You don't have to break the bank, especially during Romance Awareness Month. It’s summertime so I’m sure there are plenty of free activities where you can bring a picnic basket to or find an excuse to be outdoors together.

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