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Wearable Penis Sleeves and Extenders

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Ride On Penis Extender click to read reviews

Penis sleeves and Extenders are the number one product category which men come to to purchase. There are many reasons for this - some are looking to add girth and length to their penis to please their partner, while others suffering from ED are looking for a way to revive their sex lives. No matter the reason, we have wearables for everyone. With so many products available, it is easy to get confused. Follow along to find out which of our popular extenders and penis sleeves is right for your situation.

Penis Extenders

A wearable penis extender is a great choice for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The combination of a rigid design and secure harness or strap make these products a comfortable way for men looking to enjoy an intimate connection with their partner despite their ED. Here are two of our best sellers:

The Beginner’s Hollow Strap On is a good choice for men suffering from ED looking for an inexpensive, easy to use wearable extension. The firm design is shaped to please, and the adjustable elastic harness makes it easy to get on and off. Learn more about the Beginner’s Hollow Strap on here.

Our most popular extender is the Ride On. This wearable penis extender is made from a soft, silicone material that has enough firmness for a man with ED, but is more realistic than the hard plastic options widely available and provides for a more sensual experience for both partners. A strap which stretches around the testicles holds the Ride On in place without the need for a hip harness. While it is a little trickier to get used to, our customers say it is well worth the experience. Learn more about the Ride On and read reviews from our satisfied customers here. For those seeking a less expensive alternative to the Ride On, there is now the Ample Penis Extender. While not as realistic as the Ride On and not made from silicone, the design is similar and is a good option.  Read about the Ample Penis Extender here. 

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are soft and stretchy and can be worn over an erect penis when you or your partner feel the need for a thicker, longer member. The soft construction of these products makes for an enjoyable, realistic experience and is a great way to spice up your love life.

Penis girth enhancer

Our most popular penis sleeve by far is the Tommy Gunn Cyberskin Extension. Don’t be confused by the name, this extension is meant to be worn like a sleeve. Made from high tech Cyberskin which closely replicates the feel of real skin, and is made to be worn over an erect penis. It is not meant for users with erectile dysfunction.

Suction holds the Tommy Gunn on the penis so there is no need for straps or harnesses. The Cyberskin shaft can be trimmed with scissors for a customized fit. Read our customer reviews and buy the Tommy Gunn Cybershin Extension here.

Another great choice is the Fantasy Penis Extension which comes in 3 different lengths. A solid choice for those looking to add girth, this extension can be trimmed for a perfect fit. The realistic shaft will increase your penis width by an impressive 33% for a fulfilling experience that is sure to please! Click here to buy it now.

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