The Oral Sex Survey: The Results


Recently, Lelo, the maker of some of the most popular pleasure toys on the market, asked its social media followers to take a an oral sex survey. Over 3000 respondents shared their opinions. Though the results are not scientifically conclusive, it's interesting to see the results. 

Here are the questions, and how sexy people answered.

Is oral sex something you enjoy?

96% said ‘yes, love it!’

4% said ‘yuk, no!’

Is oral something you do more than twice a month?

86% said ‘yes, live for it'

14% said ‘no, not my thing'

Do you prefer oral sex to penetrative sex?

46% said ‘yes!"

54% said ‘no, I like an entree for my main meal'

Do you prefer to give or receive?

63% said ‘I’m a giver’

37% said ‘I’m a taker’

Do you consider yourself good at it?

72% said ‘my tongue has a masters degree'

28% said 'ah...not really sure.  How would I know?'

Do you often climax through oral sex alone?

60% said ‘yes. Good oral sex is great sex."

40% said ‘no, I usually want more’

Bottom Line

The majority of the survey takers are oral sex fans. And that is really no surprise.  What is surprising is the amount of people who prefer oral sex to good old fashion intercourse. 46% prefer oral to sex, and 60% regularly reach orgasm by oral stimulation alone.  Perhaps a cultural shift is responsible for  this willingness to explore oral pleasure even more then penetrative sex as oral sex becomes more widely accepted and encouraged as an intimate part of a couple’s sex life. Penetrative sex is no longer the be all and end all, and that is not a bad thing at all. 

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