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Candida Royalle's Eyes of Desire Pt.2


In part one of Eyes of Desire, Lisa, in her search for something more meaningful in her life, discovers the thrill of voyeurism and becomes entranced by a mysterious man is a deserted estate. In part two of Eyes of Desire, Lisa's world becomes consumed y this dark, sensuous man, Daniel Parish, as he takes her to heights of sexual passion she never before experienced. But as she comes closer and closer to her own erotic limits she is forced to make a very painful choice. Is it possible to surrender to intense passion without losing yourself to another? It is something Lisa will have to decide.
Running time: 71 minutes
About the filmmaker: Candida Royalle is a female producer that once acted in films herself. Disappointed that there didn't seem to be enough movies for women out there; with more of a storyline and realistic people and dialoged, she decided to start her own production company... these movies are definitely X-Rated and show nudity and lovemaking but stay away from close up shots in general. They are a nice safe bet for women who have never seen X-Rated films before, found the ones they've seen too much, or want more of a storyline.
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