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Designer Vac-U-Lock Harness - Jenna


Jenna's designer Vac-U-Lock harness comes equipped with a pure jelly G-Spot dong. This beautiful purple PVC harness is waterproof, interchangeable with all other Vac-U-Lock accessories and full of sexual promise!

With soft fully-adjustable dual strap system (both hip and back straps), this harness will always hold it's shape and provide a comfortable fit for all body shapes for extended periods of time. No rubbing or chafing with these harnesses; Doc Johnson has perfected the snug yet comfortable fit down to a science.

You're likely to become very attached!

Kit Includes:

  • Purple PVC Harness
  • Clear Frost Vac-U-Lock Plug
  • Powder Lubricant
  • Purple Vac-U-Lock G-Spot attachment


Dimensions: Length is approx. 6.5" and width varies from 1" to 1.5".

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