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Kama Sutra: The Book


A year and a half in production, an editorial team took Vatsyayana's original work from the 6th century, translated by Englishman Sir Richard Burton more than 120 years ago, and has brought the Kama Sutra text into the language of the new millennium. Featuring the finest collection of exquisite original Kama Sutra illustrations from India ever published, the 176-page book is bound in Japanese silk and printed on the highest quality paper.

Considered one of the great works of ancient Indian literature, the Kama Sutra offered the people of that time a complete approach to one of their pillars of life; KAMA the principal of love, pleasure and sensual gratification. It is a timeless message - those same principles apply equally today.

This edition makes a beautiful gift for couples that want to learn about the ancient art of lovemaking and provides a perspective on lovemaking that is often lost in the West.

Sexually Explicit Content.

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