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Moist Personal Lubricant


The clear choice in personal pleasure and voted BEST Lubricant by Women's Health Magazine. Our water-based Moist lubricant comes closest to feeling like your body's natural lubricant. Moist is crystal clear, condom safe, non-staining and fragrance-free, providing long-lasting slipperiness. Our easy dispenser makes reapplying a dab easy and hassle-free. Moist comes in various sizes and for on-the-go travel. You've experienced the rest, now experience the BEST!

Each size comes in a handy plastic bottle with a finger pump spray dispenser. For easy insertion spray Moist on your most treasured sex toys with confidence and enjoy the results! It's also condom-compatible.

Ingredients: Glycerin soothing Aloe Vera Rosemary Extract and Ginseng Extract among others.

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