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Position of the Day


Has your sex life become stagnant or boring? The Position of the Day is a titillating book that illustrates 365 mind-bending (and body-bending) sexual positions. One new position for each day of the year will be sure to keep you and your partner on your toes - or on your head if that is what the position calls for. Each page has a date, a position title, a simple line-drawing illustration, a calorie count, a list of required equipment if any, a rating scale, and lastly a place to fill in your comments on the position for future reference.
Illustrated with anatomically correct drawn figures, the positions run the lusty gamut from plausible to creative to "Honey, get my weight belt, this is going to require some heavy lifting!" For beginners and the acrobatically-challenged, there are accessible suggestions such as the Corporate Merger, the Wet Blanket, and the TV Dinner. Meanwhile, the adept and adventurous can try their hand at The Snow Blower, The Papoose, and the Quasimodo, which field-testing suggests is best attempted only after a vigorous round of stretching and a can of Red Bull.
Position of the Day is about not becoming a creature of habit, because even the "Excuse Me, Do I Know You?" can get boring if that's the only position in your repertoire...
376 page
366 illustrations
About the Authors: Em & Lo (Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey) pen's sex and relationships advice column, The Em & Lo Down (Advice from Near-Experts). They are also the authors of The Bing Bang: Nerve's Guide to the Sexual Universe.


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